Lenny, the slowest yet most ambitious snail you've ever seen, must make it to the beach today. But getting there might be harder than he imagined.


Animation, Drama

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Nominations & Awards

Scario Film Festival 2020 - Winner: Best Screenplay

British Animation Film Festival 2020 - Lotte Reiniger List

Austin Film Festival 2020 - 2nd Round

Oregon Short Film Festival 2020 - Finalist


"Lenny is a sweet, presumably animated, piece about a snail learning to love who he is. It’s a good lesson for kids (or any of us) and is told in an unexpected way.

Lenny is triumph of the human (err… snail) spirit story told from the perspective of a snail tirelessly trying to get to the beach to visit someone with a rose. Who and why he’s trying to get there and the lengths he’ll go to along the way hook the reader/viewer and keep them engaged. This piece is well-crafted from a structural standpoint, with appropriate pacing and tension derived from well-focused action blocks." - Austin Film Festival

Full review: https://www.royzafrani.com/post/austinfilmfestival

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